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Domain professional earns $93,500 annually, doing absolutely nothing

Schuyler Kampas, in happier times.

Schuyler Kampas, in happier times.

A domain professional who earns almost six figures USD doing absolutely nothing, is – surprisingly – very unhappy.

Schuyler Kampas, domain administrator for a wealthy domain investor from California, is at his wits’ end.

“Every day all I do is pretend I research keywords for a variety of subjects, so that my boss can register domains,” said Kampas.

“The truth is, I make up all the metrics. Last week it was cannabis domains, this week it’s 3D glasses for the blind – he’ll register anything I tell him, any crap really, and pay me for my supposed work” added Kampas, looking dejected.

Despite his lack of actual work for which he’s compensated handsomely, Kampas is frustrated and unhappy, fighting depression and other ailments.

“I used to be so happy with my life! I wish I had a normal 9 to 5 job, instead of being a domain professional. Even as a pencil pusher I’d generate more actual work than what I do now,” said Kampas, adding:

“I would probably get a job at Wendy’s or McDonalds in a heartbeat – take me out of this misery!”

Thousands of domain investor hopefuls enter the domain industry every year, achieving only a short stint that produces very little results. Many return to their regular jobs, and sanity.

If you are a domain industry professional unhappy with your job, walk out now. It might be your only chance to be a happy, healthy person.


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