Domain questions: Do I have Ebola ? Do you have Ebola?

Ebola is a hot topic.

Ebola is a hot topic.

Half the news these days is about the Ebola virus, a deadly disease that has killed several thousand in Africa.

Despite the negativity that mainstream media attempted to present the owner of with, one thing is certain: people will find ways to turn negative overtones into something useful, or plain fun.

Two such web sites attempt to capitalize on a potential rise in Google searches, for the phrases “Do I have Ebola” and “Do you have Ebola“, by using the exact term, long tail domains and respectively.

Rather crafty, yet sick – pardon the pun.

The domains were registered in August and September respectively, and they both returned a resounding “No” to your questions, by means of statistics.

Definitely a novel approach, that differs from the current re-incarnation of

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