#Domain SEO : Business is booming, thanks to #Indian specialists

An SEO specialist from India.

The domain SEO market is booming, all thanks to Internet experts from India.

Providing a valuable service, and sought after by millions of domain owners worldwide, Indian SEO masters do it fast and cheap.

“We used to cuss and delete every single email from India, believing it’s some scam, but these days we take a more gentle, positive approach to those talented individuals,” says Jonas Fist of Domain Marketing Ventures, a consultancy firm in Denver, Colorado.

“Instead of alienating this amazing talent, we now tap it, providing our own customers with SEO ‘made in India’ – and trust me, it’s the best,” added Fist.

Business is indeed booming; there are now 2.4 SEO specialists for every domain owner on earth, up 3,000% since a decade ago.

The numbers might appear to be staggering, but India is projected to surpass China in population before 2030, and new SEO experts graduate from Indian universities, all the time. SEO experts in India make six or seven figures in the local currency.

“SEO from India is pragmatic, they process the Google algorithms, they WHOIS every new domain name registered, and they know how to pose as females, if needed,” says Jonas Fist, laughing.

If you receive an SEO or domain brokerage invitation from India, give it a try, you might be surprised – pleasantly or not.

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