Domain sightings at the 49th annual Mount Dora Arts Festival

Today I attended the 49th annual Mount Dora Arts Festival, held on the streets of historic downtown Mount Dora, here in Florida.

The weather was spectacular and so were the vendors and food. Came across several domain sightings and here are some of them:

Artist Barbara Rush smartly owns her full name as a .com,

Meanwhile, artist Jennifer Heron chose to go with a .art domain name,

A few more artists using,,, and (probably the best domain so far.)

Lastly, a forgotten older poster of The Long Run shows their domain name, TheLongRun.Rocks:

But you can see that the organizers of the music event use

Overall, quite a few vendors were using just email, Instagram, and Etsy accounts instead of domain names. Shocked? It’s just the way it is. 🙂

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