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Impressive: Impressionist.com in the hands of Drew Rosener

Impressionist.com is an impressive domain name, as it defines an entire class of painters whose art is worth billions of dollars collectively. It just so happened that the domain is now in the possession of domain investor & broker, crypto-lover, and NFT supporter Drew Rosener. An impressionist is an artist utilizing impressionism, a 19th-century art […]

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First Art secures shortest ‘Domain Hack’ possible in upcoming gTLD race!

First Art, an arts and crafts store, art studio and art school in Tennessee, has secured the shortest possible ‘domain hack’ for their art business. “Gone are the days that we’d fight tooth and nail to get a .com domain and end up paying thousands of dollars in extortion fees, I mean seriously why do […]

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Friday shocker: Braden Pollock switches to painting full-time

The shocking news came at the end of Webfest: Braden Pollock, domain investor and owner of ScienceFiction.com, is on the verge of retiring from domaining. “Time for me to follow my childhood dreams and heritage, and as a great-nephew of Jackson Pollock, I shall practice the fine art of paint dripping as well” said Pollock, […]

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