Domain sightings duo: Mr Electric .com and Neighborly .com

Domain sightings are random encounters with domains in the real, 3D world. Unlike the internet, these are domains emblazoned on tangible items: vehicle wraps, business signs and billboards, and product packaging. We group them into .com domain name sightings, and every other TLD, gTLD, and ccTLD.

This time around we have a rare occasion of two domain names at the same time. The two domains are related, as is a service of

We can see the great looking van wrap with the Mr Electric branding, providing electrical installations. Below that domain is, which is the mother company:

Neighborly is a home services platform that connects you to a very specific group of local experts. Our family of providers works with rigorous quality standards to repair, maintain and enhance your home. With pros living in your community, scheduling is quick and convenient. was registered in 1996, while was registered in 2000.

Mr Electric and Neighborly.

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