Domain sightings: Why Kalyvas in Koukaki doesn’t need a domain name

Athens is rich in traditional Greek food grilling, one of the mainland’s main attractions. Whether you need a (real) pork gyro, a Greek (horiatiki) salad with no traces of lettuce, or a pork souvlaki wrapped in freshly grilled pita, there’s always more to add to the menu:

  • Fried zucchini or eggplant, crispy and delicious
  • Tzatziki dip made with fresh Greek (strained) yogurt, cucumber, spicy garlic, and lots (LOTS) of dill and olive oil
  • Greek “french” fries that taste like nothing you’ve had before in your life
  • Baked potatoes, crispy on the outside
  • Spicy whipped feta dip (tyrokafteri)
  • Grilled meats slowly cooked to perfection on a spit
  • Fresh bread – Greeks don’t eat pita with food, only as souvlaki wraps
  • Green peppers, tomatoes, giant mushrooms, and other fresh vegetables on the grill
  • A whole lot more

Let’s just say most so-called “Greek” taverna food in the US is not only prepared and served way differently than in Greece, it’s also made with the wrong ingredients. Lettuce on a Greek salad with fake crumbled feta? Send that plate back!

Tourists visiting Greece are in for a great surprise; prepared food tastes fresh, delicious, and is not overly spiced. You won’t have to add any salt, I promise you that.

As a footnote, grilled meats including steaks, sausage, burgers (biftekia) or skewered meats (kontosouvli, kokoretsi) are well-done yet juicy. Are you a lover of medium-rare, or rare meats? You WILL be converted!

Onto domains related to the Kalyvas family grill in the Koukaki area of Athens. It’s a working class area, densely populated, within a 10 minute (uphill) walk to the Acropolis, hence popular to both hotel and Airbnb rentals. The Kalyvas family grill has been busy for many years and attracts patrons due to great food quality, prompt service, and proximity to tourist areas.

The Kalyvas grill in Koukaki is open daily from 1pm until 1am, catering to hungry tourists and savvy Athenians, who also order food out for delivery by the grill’s fleet of motorcycles. Let’s just say that the meat is served fresh every single day at the Kalyvas family grill, whether you eat at the taverna’s outdoor tables or you order out. On a tourist’s or local’s budget? The Kalyvas grill in Koukaki is very affordable without compromising quality.

When it comes down to domain names, however, there’s a bit of an anomaly as the domain name “” is etched onto the packaging (wrapping paper, paper towels) but it was not renewed more than 8 years ago.


Kalyvas – proper way to serve a pork souvlaki wrap (no aluminum foil!)

But really, who cares about the domain name?

From 2012 to 2014 existed as a mere “necessity” of having a web site but truly, word of mouth, raving Google reviews, (or on TripAdvisor) and the Kalyvas grill phone number (210-923-1257 when in Athens) is all you need to order from their online menu! 😀

Proper way to serve feta, as a slab. DON’T CRUMBLE FETA!

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