UDRP victory for Greek hotelier

UK-based Future Inns UK Ltd attempted to get the domain from its Greek registrant, operator of a hotelier resource with offices in Athens and Santorini, Greece. The Complainant has been operating a chain of hotels in the UK since 2005, with three hotels in the chain, Future Inn Cardiff, Future Inn Plymouth, and Future […]

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Domain sightings: Why Kalyvas in Koukaki doesn’t need a domain name

Athens is rich in traditional Greek food grilling, one of the mainland’s main attractions. Whether you need a (real) pork gyro, a Greek (horiatiki) salad with no traces of lettuce, or a pork souvlaki wrapped in freshly grilled pita, there’s always more to add to the menu: Fried zucchini or eggplant, crispy and delicious Tzatziki […]

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This is #Athens : Non .com #domain sightings in #Greece

What are “domain sightings?” We can best describe them as random encounters with domain names in the real world. When we come across domains dressing up vehicles or boats, plastered across business buildings or shops, or even products – that’s a domain “in the wild.” For ease of reference, we group domain sightings in two […]

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TBEX 2014: Largest gathering of travel bloggers heads to Greece

If you are a travel blogger, writer or content creator, or a professional in the travel industry, the TBEX conference is the largest such gathering of both worlds. Every year, TBEX partners with exciting destinations in North America and Europe, bringing the travel industryโ€™s most creative minds together to learn, network and do business. It’s […]

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Gracias amigos! references DomainGang

Back in November we wrote about how the web site is listed as the topmost result when searching for “42195” in Google. There are 42195 meters in a marathon race and the Spanish web site for marathoners occupies the much sought after #1 spot in Google for that keyword. Apparently, the operators of the […]

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With more than 3 million Google results, the number “42195” is not an ordinary number. For those of you not into the metric system, 42195 represents the number of meters in a marathon. Around the world, when the term “26.2k” isn’t used with reference to the number of miles in the distance of a marathon, […]

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Athens Classic Marathon: 2501 years later

Those that cannot understand the mentality of the Greeks have a lot to lose. One of the world’s most ancient and complex cultures survived aeons of battling enemies, foreign and domestic. With the economy being artificially suppressed by a throng of politicians and paper traders behind Manhattan cubicles, Greece is determined to survive yet another […]

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