Blueground: Greek real estate startup is now a unicorn

Blueground, a global proptech company, is reshaping modern living with thousands of meticulously curated, fully-equipped homes worldwide for stays of a month or more. Its tech-driven platform ensures 24/7 support and essential services such as cleaning, grocery delivery, and wellness amenities, guaranteeing a seamless experience. The company’s mission is to provide every guest with a […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. and were acquired by #Greek fintech Viva Wallet & Services and, a pair of phenomenal domains, were acquired by Greek fintech startup, Viva Wallet & Viva Services. The company operates from Haris Karonis, founder and CEO of the company, shared the news via LinkedIn, noting that Viva Wallet and Viva Services are propelling into “a dynamic new phase as separate entities.” The […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. UDRP victory for Greek hotelier

UK-based Future Inns UK Ltd attempted to get the domain from its Greek registrant, operator of a hotelier resource with offices in Athens and Santorini, Greece. The Complainant has been operating a chain of hotels in the UK since 2005, with three hotels in the chain, Future Inn Cardiff, Future Inn Plymouth, and Future […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. A $2k domain investment scored $6.41 million dollar funding

Harbor Lab is a Greek startup that created a shipping dock solution, streamlining the disbursement account processes: “We are an innovative e-disbursements platform for Shipowners, management companies and Charterers. We aspire to reshape the Disbursements process by providing a leading software to the industry.” Its solution helps eliminate time management waste and reduces port call […]

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Domain sightings: Aegean Art Souvenirs in Greece

The hardest part of spending two weeks in Greece is finding and hauling back souvenirs for everyone. I had to buy a carry-on for this and prayed to Hermes that it would not get lost on the way back home, loaded with so many little treasures. Hermes, protector of travelers, obliged. I believe I did […]

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Crazy Greek Bitch : Smitten foreigner shares his love via domain name!

Greece has been in the news for the wrong reasons lately, but the truth is that its people are full of passion and zest for life; it must be due to the unique Greek light shining down on the endless shores. To anyone who has had the privilege to know a Greek woman, they are […]

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GoDaddy goes Greek & Geek in this new commercial

GoDaddy‘s new commercial by the famous ad agency, Deutsch, has a secret message or two to deliver. While many domainers perceive this to be yet another light-hearted and “raunchy” commercial blessed by GoDaddy founder, Bob Parsons, the timing of the commercial is crucial. Aimed at the audience that will sit in front of their television […]

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Facebook removes profiles of Greek murderer and his victim

A violent murder that reached stratospheric publicity in Greece gained notoriety through Facebook, with more than 1500 comments posted on the murderer’s wall. Facebook removed the profiles of those involved – Stathis Eustathiou, the murderer and his victim, Adriana Gardikioti – apparently after the content was reported or at the request of the Greek authorities handling […]

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Murderer uses Facebook to confess crime and profess love

It’s a true Greek tragedy: blinded by jealousy for his 22 year old girlfriend from Kastoria, Greece, a 35 year old event manager butchered her with a knife, then disposed of her body in the cold lake waters. Stathis Eustathiou then confessed his crime on Facebook, where he posted the following: “To Adriana Gardikioti: I […]

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Tony Kanakaris: My Big Fat Greek Domainer Network is expanding

I called Tony Kanakaris up on a Friday afternoon, right as happy hour madness was hitting the US east coast. Tony is a fellow domainer and developer – manager of the Social Domainers network. Tony, yassou malaka! – I could not resist the Greek verbal jab at my friend. Who is this? Lucius! Ti kaneis, […]

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That Auction Girl: ‘Greek Fire’ Vanessa Thanos conducts E.CO auction

Those of you that were either present in person at Sedo’s auction of or watched the live feed over the Internet, could not have possibly missed the auctioneer’s charm, wit and scorching good looks. Ouch!!! Vanessa Thanos carries her family’s Greek genes quite gracefully. Throughout the entire auction, the tall, slender graduate of the […]

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