Blueground: Greek real estate startup is now a unicorn

Blueground, a global proptech company, is reshaping modern living with thousands of meticulously curated, fully-equipped homes worldwide for stays of a month or more. Its tech-driven platform ensures 24/7 support and essential services such as cleaning, grocery delivery, and wellness amenities, guaranteeing a seamless experience. The company’s mission is to provide every guest with a […]

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Hack The Box: #Greek start-up’s essential upgrade to the .com #domain name

Hack The Box, a Greek cybersecurity start-up, has raised $55 million dollars in a Series B investment by Carlyle, a global investment firm based in Washington, D.C. Founded in 2017, Hack The Box is an online platform for infosec professionals, providing tools to test and advance one’s skills in penetration testing and cybersecurity. The company […]

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Throo is a Greek fintech startup, operating from the domain name The company was founded in 2021 by Sotiris Syrmakezis, CEO, and Panos Zeppos, CPO; the founders’ initial investment of 150,000 euro was supplemented recently by pre-seed funding of 250,000 euro by three large retailers. The company aspires to become a “revolutionary payments & […]

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Myrmex: Greek robotics corp acquired by the Ocado Group

Myrmex, a Greek start-up specializing in robotics and automation for the grocery and e-commerce industries, is being acquired by the Ocado Group. The British supermarket operator expanded its investment portfolio by fully acquiring Myrmex for the sum of 10.2 million euro. Myrmex was founded in 2015 and operates from the domain name Myrmex (Μύρμηξ) […]

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Mezoura tailored menswear : Move over, Fashion Metric!

There is absolutely no way to order custom-made clothing, particularly shirts, without professional measurements. By that, we mean an actual, qualified tailor that takes your personal measures for your 100% perfect, custom-fit shirt. Mezoura is a Greek tailored menswear start-up that combines the know-how of custom-fit, tailored clothing, with the technology of electronic customization. One […]

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