Mezoura tailored menswear : Move over, Fashion Metric!

There is absolutely no way to order custom-made clothing, particularly shirts, without professional measurements.

By that, we mean an actual, qualified tailor that takes your personal measures for your 100% perfect, custom-fit shirt.

Mezoura is a Greek tailored menswear start-up that combines the know-how of custom-fit, tailored clothing, with the technology of electronic customization.


Mezoura : Custom fit menswear.

One can set up a 30 minute one-to-one appointment in Athens, Greece, to get their measurements; proceeding with a custom fit shirt with the stored profile data is a cinch for all future orders.

Every step of the shirt’s particulars is selected by the buyer: from high quality English fabrics, to mother-of-pearl buttons.

The quality process and high standards ensure the perfectly hand-made, custom fit shirt, in 10 to 14 days, with unlimited tweaks.

Even in the middle of a financial crisis in Greece, the start-up’s goals have surpassed all expectations; this is due to providing a truly luxury item and service at an affordable price.

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