Hack The Box: #Greek start-up’s essential upgrade to the .com #domain name

Hack The Box, a Greek cybersecurity start-up, has raised $55 million dollars in a Series B investment by Carlyle, a global investment firm based in Washington, D.C.

Founded in 2017, Hack The Box is an online platform for infosec professionals, providing tools to test and advance one’s skills in penetration testing and cybersecurity.

The company operates from the domain HackTheBox.com, which was registered in 2010. The domain was acquired not too long ago, however, as WHOIS records show; the acquisition of the .com most likely took place in July 2021 from its prior registrant, quite possibly via Afternic.

Hack The Box performed an essential upgrade to its prior domain names, HackTheBox.eu and HackTheBox.co.uk, that were both registered upon the company’s formation in 2017. Both domains are now forwarding to the .com.

Domain rebranding is often a necessary and important step in securing extensive funding. Another Greek startup, Throo, went through the same successful process in 2021 as we reported.

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