GoDaddy goes Greek & Geek in this new commercial

Maria Menounos is not on GoDaddy commercials – yet.

GoDaddy‘s new commercial by the famous ad agency, Deutsch, has a secret message or two to deliver.

While many domainers perceive this to be yet another light-hearted and “raunchy” commercial blessed by GoDaddy founder, Bob Parsons, the timing of the commercial is crucial.

Aimed at the audience that will sit in front of their television sets to watch the Olympic Games in ten days from now, Charlenethe leggy brunette – is typically Greek: tall, dark and dangerously handsome.

On the other hand, Carl is the epitome of geek: he resolves any issues that might arise, any time, no matter how much sexual pressure exists in the air. And there is plenty of it, thanks to Charlene’s classical beauty.

To top it off, GoDaddy sets the video on a Greek “bouzouki” music theme, bonding the Greek with the geek in an expert, melodic duet worthy of Alexis Zorbas.

Opa, Bob Parsons! 😀


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