“Domain squatters” : The Verge article chastises domain investors with derogatory term

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An article at The Verge about how a “hacker” redirected Donald Trump tweets by buying expired domain names, is not exactly friendly towards domain investors.

In his article, titled “A Belgian hacker redirected the links in Trump’s old tweets,Amar Toor, uses the following words to describe domainers:

“Domain squatters typically buy up URLs for financial profit or to troll others online, though some have used the technique to make political statements.”

In this time and era, domain investors are still associated with the lowly practice of domain squatting practiced by a minuscule minority, despite large industry conferences such as NamesCon that raise awareness about domain investing and the value of domains as digital assets for brands.

The reference to “domain squatters” or cybersquatters reeks of lack of understanding, and publicly undermines an entire industry that invests in domain names.

The article itself talks about how someone in Belgium acquired dropped domains, which were previously quoted by Donald Trump in tweets; these domains were then used to display funny or awkward content.

Hardly an act of “hacking” and definitely not an act of domain squatting!

For the article, click here.

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One Response to ““Domain squatters” : The Verge article chastises domain investors with derogatory term”
  1. Steve says:

    Small minded people like Mr Tool are everywhere and won’t go away anytime soon unfortunately.

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