Domain terror : Owner “blows up” ancient .com domains


A cache of ancient domains is lost forever.

Old domain names are a heritage to the world, and the Internet as a whole.

Despite efforts to preserve a portfolio of domain names registered between 1985 and 1990, the unthinkable has happened.

Outraged by a recent turn in international politics, domain investor Selim Mehmet Admin proceeded with the forceful deletion of these domains.

“Innocent civilians are being killed in Syria, I demonstrate show world domain mean nothing for human loss,” said Selim Mehmet Admin.

“With press of button, explode hard drive keep password domains, and expire very soon at Registry is API request!” exclaimed the domainer.

The loss of these historic, aged domains will definitely deprive domain investors of a valuable resource, that will now only exist in copies.

According to our sources, Selim Mehmet Admin will continue investing, mostly in Chinese numeric domains and other commodities, hopefully without “blowing up” the market.

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