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Domain terror : Owner “blows up” ancient .com domains

Old domain names are a heritage to the world, and the Internet as a whole. Despite efforts to preserve a portfolio of domain names registered between 1985 and 1990, the unthinkable has happened. Outraged by a recent turn in international politics, domain investor Selim Mehmet Admin proceeded with the forceful deletion of these domains. “Innocent […]

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Newb domainers: Deleted domains aren’t “aged” or “17 years old”

A post proclaiming that the domain name CanadianWebmaster.com is “aged” and “17 years old” caught our attention; its seller pointed us to Archive.org in order to justify this inaccurate claim. Buyers that are being told a domain is “old” or registered in the 1990’s (or earlier) are strongly advised to take this type of sales […]

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Verisign: Really old domains go bad

It might be that Symbolics.com is the oldest .com domain in the world, what with having been registered in 1985 – a year many of you were not even born – but at least it has been actively used since then. Verisign is known for being in control of the .com and .net domains and […]

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