Domainax – Must have for TRAFFIC!

Rick Schwartz hinted of upcoming changes in today’s ultimate invitation to join TRAFFIC in Ft. Lauderdale.

While some speculated that the changes that the Domain King ™ quoted, are in reference to the further tightening of the revenue pipes by PPC companies, the truth is far from that.

Rick will unveil a must-have gadget for TRAFFIC, something that no domainer can go without, when socializing with the very best of the domain elite.

Domainax – Work hard, party harder.

Domainax ™ is the name of the brand new deodorant and aftershave line, promoted at TRAFFIC. It takes care of persistent perspiration and foul smells caused by bacteria in a busy domainer’s armpits.

The new product will cost less than a domain registration and samples will be given free along with the bag of TRAFFIC goodies.

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