Domainer Business : CoolestNames – a brandable domain boutique


Starting a new weekly column featuring domainers and their ventures, domain businesses and what sets them apart from the competition.

The idea is to promote the “little guys” that rarely get any attention, despite their gallant effort.

We are here to help. 🙂

Today’s featured domainer business is CoolestNames, a boutique domain shop specializing in brandable domains across a variety of TLDs.

The domain portfolio offered at CoolestNames consists of com, net, org, tv, co, biz and info extensions, with plans to extend it further.

Domains such as,, are offered at reasonable prices, using the well-established services of

There are dozens more, along with a solid selection of “domain” and “name” domains, catering to domainers. CoolestNames is operated by a domainer, after all.

For more information, visit

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