Domainer #fitness: 10 #domain exercises for the physically lazy #domainer in 2019

If you are a physically lazy domain investor, we have great news: 2019 will be a changing year for you!

No more excuses bro. It’s time to get fit, and we have prepared a set of 10 domain exercises to get your plump body back in shape.

Domainer fitness for 2019 – Photo by henri meilhac on Unsplash

Here we go:

  • Do 10 push ups: Print a list of the top 10 biggest sales for 2018 and get your face close to it with every pushup, saying: “I can do this!”
  • Walk around the block three times: Best approach when you receive a lowball offer from a remarkably stupid buyer, and you want to cool off your mind.
  • Drink a glass of cool water with a spoonful of honey: When your NameJet reserve is almost met, you need to stabilize your body’s fluids and electrolytes.
  • Eat a banana: Get ready for a marathon bidding session at DropCatch, keep your body’s potassium high – this way you can beat First and TwoTwo.
  • Yoga for 20 minutes: Time to prepare for the crazy crowds at NamesCon and lots of standing up. Bring your muscles under control.
  • Run to your front door and back to your bedroom 10 times: After posting a domain blog story, it takes that long for the first “like” to appear on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – most likely by your mom. Why waste valuable time?
  • Do 10 planks: Negotiating via a Uniregistry broker and want to remain calm when they ask the buyer if he’s on vacation? Planking will help.
  • Squat 10 times: If your Sedo auction has received bids with a custom message, Sedo will need to manually approve the message. Stay calm for a couple of days, stay in shape.
  • Squeeze a tension hand grip as many times as possible, while imagining it’s the testicles of the person who offered $1k for your premium LLL .com.
  • Punch a bag or frozen meat like Rocky a dozen times: Think of it as payback to those that evaluated your domains as “pigeon shit” or “domain crap.”

Happy New Year! Stay fit. And watch the video below if you need additional motivation. 😉

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