Domainer LASIK : Big disappointment for domain investor

Claudius Figgins.

Claudius Figgins.

Claudius Figgins spent the best part of his teenage years as a bespectacled, scrawny young man.

Now in his mid 20’s, Figgins is facing life’s changes with a bold outlook.

“I always wanted to look buff and handsome, like the kids I grew up with,” said Claudius Figgins, a San Diego resident.

“So I started lifting weights, running, got a nice tan and a haircut. But there was one last thing to fix,” added Figgins.

Getting rid of his thick, bottle bottom glasses was a life time dream for Figgins, who is an avid domain investor.

“I finally got that LASIK done last week, and my gosh, I can see so well now, everything is so clear and vivid!” exclaimed Figgins.

A side-effect of his LASIK surgery, however, was not as pleasant; in fact, it was a bold disappointment that left him feeling shocked.

“I took a good look at all the domains I registered in the past 5 years, and my gosh, never seen so much crap in my life before! All my domain registrations look like pigeon shit, just like Rick Schwartz said once!”

Realizing how bad his domains look on paper, Claudius Figgins is now offering them for free on Flippa.

“I don’t want to do anything with that pile of junk, it reminds me of my thick glasses that I was made fun of as a kid. Whoever wants the domains, I’ll give them for free,” said Claudius Figgins.

Moral of the story: always make sure your vision is 20/20 when registering domain names, or it might cost you.

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