#Domainer meetup : No, Rick Schwartz is not crazy

Kudos to Rick Schwartz for going from zero to hero with a new domain conference in Asheville, North Carolina.

Essentially, Rick has created a new genre of domain meetups from scratch, using his unique approach and “joint ventures” recipe.

The Domain King put down a small chunk for a classy hotel that will act as the venue for the domainer meetup; Rick’s intention isn’t to make money, but to offer value and substance to those that will attend the event.

But no worries, the King won’t pay a royal ransom either, as sponsors will be taking care of business, we’re told.

Rick Schwartz isn’t crazy, he’s a serial entrepreneur who has been creating new events for almost twenty years. Whether you like him or not, he enjoys the attention and talks openly about what drives him in life.

We’re glad he has officially ended his retirement, sabbatical or temporary vacation!

As a side note, we predicted Asheville would be the center of domaining six years ago! 😀

Yes, that was a parody post – but Rick’s new domainer plan is for real!

The Domain King, Rick Schwartz.

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