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Domainers hit Osama jackpot with pr0n domains!

Hundreds of Osama bin Laden domains have been registered in the wake of the former Al Qaeda leader’s death.

While the focus seemed to be his death, new releases of what the elite Navy Seal Team 6 members found and took out of the Osama bin Laden compound have led to new, spicier domain registrations.

ABC News reveals that a “huge stash of porn” has been found at Osama bin Laden’s bedroom; literally under his bed!

Sure enough, someone registered OsamaPorn.com – the domain is currently parked; not as good as OsamaBinLadenPorn.com which contains some “amusing” material 😀

Despite having had six wives in total, Osama bin Laden was apparently looking to expand his erotic horizons through the studying of adult material.

These domain registrations prove once again that anything scandalous or newsworthy is getting registered these days as a dot com.


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3 Responses to “Domainers hit Osama jackpot with pr0n domains!”
  1. What the news stories out of the CIA about Osama’s porn stash do not say is that all the women in the videos are wearing full burkas. Only their eyes are visible.

  2. BullS says:

    The CIA has a new chapter in their book on fighting terrorism- send in the Bunnies.

  3. BullS says:

    Breaking News!!!!

    Those porn videos are not for Osama, they are for his couriers.

    New domains coming up—OsamaGay.com-OsamaisaGay.com


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