Domainers : Never feed a Tasmanian Devil!

The giveaway has ended, and we have 4 winners that guessed the correct name(s) of the animal that Mike Robertson fed at the Brisbane zoo!

Some of the guesses mentioned that it’s a Tasmanian Devil.

Sorry, it’s not.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have extra fingers to spare, so feeding a Tasmanian Devil would be out of the question!

The correct answer is Bearcat, or Binturong. So if you guessed Tasmanian Devil, you’ve been too wrong. 😀

Winning a MERGE! 2018 ticket each for being both accurate and fast in emailing us, are the following folks:

  • Hobi Michalec
  • Slade Michalec
  • Eddie Sixto
  • Chris Wright

Congratulations to the winners, and to all of you who participated! Many thanks to Mike Robertson of who shared the free tickets.

Binturong at the San Diego Ζοο – Image from

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2 Responses to “Domainers : Never feed a Tasmanian Devil!”
  1. Data Glasses says:

    Never ask a lady to see her map of Tassie

  2. Chris says:

    So awesome!
    Thanks Fabulous!

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