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Domainers : Never feed a Tasmanian Devil!

The Fabulous.com giveaway has ended, and we have 4 winners that guessed the correct name(s) of the animal that Mike Robertson fed at the Brisbane zoo!

Some of the guesses mentioned that it’s a Tasmanian Devil.

Sorry, it’s not.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have extra fingers to spare, so feeding a Tasmanian Devil would be out of the question!

The correct answer is Bearcat, or Binturong. So if you guessed Tasmanian Devil, you’ve been too wrong. 😀

Winning a MERGE! 2018 ticket each for being both accurate and fast in emailing us, are the following folks:

  • Hobi Michalec
  • Slade Michalec
  • Eddie Sixto
  • Chris Wright

Congratulations to the winners, and to all of you who participated! Many thanks to Mike Robertson of Fabulous.com who shared the free tickets.

Binturong at the San Diego Ζοο – Image from http://animals.sandiegozoo.org/animals/binturong

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2 Responses to “Domainers : Never feed a Tasmanian Devil!”
  1. Data Glasses says:

    Never ask a lady to see her map of Tassie

  2. Chris says:

    So awesome!
    Thanks Fabulous!

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