Domainfest : Bye bye, Playboy Mansion!

The Playboy Mansion party this year will be missed by one certain person.

Those were the days of Domainfest parties.

The Playboy Mansion, associated with many domain conference parties in the era when Domainfest ruled, is no longer owned by Playboy.

According to reports, Hugh Hefner‘s next door neighbor, Mr. Daren Metropoulos, of Los Angeles-based private equity firm Metropoulos & Co., purchased the property for an undisclosed amount.

Hugh Hefner maintains the right to live in the premises for the rest of his life. He’s a healthy 90 years of age, according to Wikipedia.

In 2011, a strange illness caused several domain investors who attended a party hosted at the Playboy Mansion to feel ill; some fell sick with a strong, flu-like disease.

Mr. Daren Metropoulos is the son of Greece-born billionaire, Dean Metropoulos.

According to the Wall Street Journal, per the terms of the sale Mr. Hefner has the right to remain in the mansion for the rest of his life. After Mr. Hefner’s tenancy ends, Mr. Metropoulos intends to connect the two estates into a combined 7.3 acre compound.

The 20,000 sq.ft Playboy Mansion has 29 rooms, including 12 bedrooms, on 5 acres of land. It’s one of the few private residences in Los Angeles with a zoo license. Playboy Enterprises acquired the property in 1971 for $1.05 million dollars.

Now, that was a great investment that surely paid off handsomely!

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