Domainfest keynote speaker Kim Kardashian shows off firm assets

Domainfest keynote speaker, entrepreneur and leaked video fellatrix extraordinaire, Kim Kardashian, showed off her firm derriere and other bits on Instagram.

A fine example of a powerful enterprising woman, Kim Kardashian does not regret her saucy past.

“Domainfest was an opportunity for me to show to the world of domain investors that a woman can be strong, smart and beautiful at the same time,” said Kim Kardashian, flexing her curvaceous posterior for the photographers.

“I’ve won a couple of UDRP cases too, so don’t go around now trying to grab onto what’s mine!” winked Kardashian, while doing the duck face.

In a world ruled by scandalous media and provocative selfies, it’s refreshing seeing women of stature, such as Kim Kardashian, lead the domain investing industry by example.

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Kim Kardashian, Domainfest keynote speaker.

Kim Kardashian, Domainfest keynote speaker.

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