Domaining 2014: NamesCon, TRAFFIC and Domainfest conferences

Not everyone attends a domain conference.

Several changes in the domain conference arena occurred in 2014.

With only two days left in 2014, we’re wrapping up the year in domaining; the field of domain conferences witnessed some dramatic changes.

In January 2014, newcomer NamesCon delivered what it promised, and more.

The brainchild of domain veteran investor, Richard Lau, was put together in under 90 days thanks to a well-thought plan and the contribution of several expert conference professionals.

Jodi Chamberlain, Frankee Teeter, James Morphopoulos and Jothan Frakes, along with numerous other associates, helped deliver the best and biggest new domain conference in recent memory.

NamesCon continues in 2015 with the January 11-14 event, in Las Vegas.

In May 2014, Targeted TRAFFIC hosted a much smaller than usual event in Las Vegas; conference co-founder Rick Schwartz announced that the next event will be his last as the organizer. Indeed, in October 2014, the 10th year of TRAFFIC relived its usual glory and delivered a domain conference worthy of its name and heritage.

Finally, right before Christmas, long-term TRAFFIC antagonist Domainfest was declared to be an extension of NamesCon 2015, officially ending an era.

As far as domain investors are concerned, the business opportunities arising from domain conference shows are tremendous; with the ever-changing landscape in domains and gTLDs, 2015 already looks very promising; we would not be surprised if others joined the domain conference arena as well.

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