Domaining Bad : Meth addict attempts to trade LLLL .COM domain for crystal

Meth – an LLLL .com domain.

Chicken restaurant entrepreneur, Gustavo Fring, was arrested in Albuquerque, New Mexico earlier today, after a police chase that lasted 90 minutes.

It all started when Bob Jones, a local meth junkie, attempted to buy crystal meth from Fring, using a four letter .com domain as collateral.

The two met at Pollos Hermanos, a restaurant chain operated by Fring.

Upon discovering that “Chinese premium” LLLL .com prices have fallen to all time lows, Gustavo Fring refused to sell the illegal drugs to Jones, who called the cops on Fring in retaliation.

“The entire situation here in Albuquerque is under investigation,” said Hank Schrader, detective for the DEA.

“We are looking into a lot of leads, including a stash of worthless LLLL .com domains, a bag full of blue crystal meth and an account with Bitcoins,” said Schrader.

The LLLL .com domain was deemed worthless by Gustavo Fring, and the incident led to his arrest two hours later. Domains without vowels or the letter “V” now sell for less than a gram of crystal meth in the open market.

“You should have gotten the domain, bitch!” exclaimed Bob Jones, who posted bail after calling Saul, a local lawyer.

“Anyone dissing my LLLL .com domains is going down!” he added, flipping the camera crews.

The DEA has now confiscated 11 LLLL .com domains, which will remain with the agency as evidence until trial time; the domains will eventually be auctioned off on NameJet.

Many thanks to Albuquerque News 13 for the story.

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