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Domaining.com becomes DOM.com

Ah the French, they are out to conquer the world, once more.

Since the days of Napoleon Bonaparte, the French ingenuity and ability to plant the tricolor flag on lands unknown are legendary.

We spoke with Francois Carrillo earlier today and he made this statement about the imminent acquisition of DOM.com by Domaining.com

“Hello gang and true welcome from France. How do you say, good morning. Yes, we will buy DOM.com as is sexy domain name, yes. Sexy as the ad of female legs at Domaining.com and Catchy.com. So soon we point all server to DOM.com for domains! Magnifique!”

Apparently Francois wanted to capitalize on the famous acquisition of DNS.com by the ComWired folks who allegedly shelled out mid-five figures for the domain, despite the five existing trademarks at the USPTO.

Francois did not disclose how much money it will take to finalize the deal, but it’s definitely going to cost a lot of golden napoleons.

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6 Responses to “Domaining.com becomes DOM.com”
  1. Arseny says:


    it’s funny, because “dom” in Russian means “house” or “home” 😉

  2. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Arseny, that’s from the Latin word DOMUS (house) which comes from the ancient Greek ΔΩΜΑ – the room.

    Through our posts at DomainGang.com we offer free education and history lessons 😀

  3. Francois says:

    He he:)

    It’s true I already contacted to purchase dom.com in the past (not dns.com because it’s really a killing name but for dns service, something it’s absolutely not my business) as I looked at others…

    But I abandonned on this one, I doubt the mamouth behind will let go.
    By the way I am wondering how much the owner of dominion.com is asking for Dominion did not purchase the name.

    In a side note I am really happy dns.com has been acquired by two fellow domainers.

  4. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Francois, all I know is that I have been reading your mind a lot lately 😀

  5. Attila says:

    I would imagine dom.com owners would be waiting for the famous Dom Pérignon Champagne company to acquire it for 6 figures or more. However the dom.com owners don’t realize is, Dom Pérignon doesn’t need dom.com for success.

    Sure it’d be great for branding / imaging, but not required as you don’t see them openly advertise in public billboards or other media forms. Then again, I could be wrong, they could be advertising in luxury yacht magazines which I don’t ever look through as I haven’t got that kind of money…not yet anyways :-p

  6. Arseny says:

    @Lucius, my guess would be that the both variants could have deeper – Sanskrit roots – दम (dama) 😉

    hmmm… don’t you think, that it could lead us to the etymology of “domains” and “domaining” – real estate and modern domaining could have more in common, right? 🙂

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