loses a gutter while Domainsville celebrates its 1st year is a “gutter ad” on

Domaining.comthe domain news aggregator operated by French domain entrepreneur, Francois Carrillo – has apparently lost its left “gutter” today.

The browser gutter is the gap that exists between the edges of a web page and that of the browser window, assuming that the web page does not occupy the browser’s full width.

A web site can have one or two gutters, the latter when it’s centered. Francois changed the design of from centered, to flushed left, thus keeping only the right gutter.

On the right side of, the gutter space is available for ads, called “gutter ads“.

In other news,  – the alternative domain news aggregator operated by domain investor Abdu Tarabichi, celebrates its 1st anniversary today.

We are not sure if Abdu received a jam-filled croissant from Francois, but competition is a healthy element of business. Congratulations to Domainsville on its first year! 😀

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