Domaining Europe partners with Chinese World Domain Conference

Domainers, rejoice!

china-europeIt’s East meets West for the sake of achieving more domain sales, and Domaining Europe organizers announced the grand plan.

Domaining Europe founder, Dietmar Stefitz, shared with us the news of an upcoming collaboration of the European domain conference, with China’s World Domain Conference.

Taking place from July 6 to July 9 in Wuzhen, China, the event aims at helping domain investors from both continents meet and work together for “the mutual benefit.”

Said Dietmar Stefitz:

“At 5 lucky Attendees will be able to win a Ticket of a value of $2000, which includes A 3 day stay in a 5 Star Hotel plus the Conference participation with all meals.

At the same time at the Wuzhen World Domain Conference, Dietmar Stefitz, the Organizer of Domaining Europe will welcome Chinese Domain Investors to cooperate with European partners. “

For more information contact Dietmar via email.

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