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Domains King: Meet Raj and his royal domain portfolio

Domain royalty is hard to come by, but if your name is Raj then it absolutely means “king” in Sanskrit.

Using the tagline, “Sometime name speaks better“, Raj presents his domain portfolio in a multi-category layout, with colorful graphics as presentation logos.

DomainsKing by Raj.

DomainsKing by Raj.

With brandable domains such as YODN.com, ENotebook.org and BootStep.com, Raj targets a wide group of buyers, especially since the domains are priced from $19.99 and up.


Raj – Domains King

As Raj says, there are three primary reasons to buy domains from DomainsKing:

  • Experience – Not MORE!! But 2 years domains selling experience at ebay directly to domain resellers. Where domain resellers buy domains from us for a cheap price and resell it for a huge price. This make us stand out from other premium domain resellers as we know all the domain resellers need. Buy Low and sell More.
  • Category and Branding – We are continue to list new domains in our portfolio and for that we have a exclusive and special category (Domains By Month) for our buyers. We put our newly acquired domains to the particular month which will make you easy to see the new domains in our portfolio and estimate the expiry of the domain you are buying, whereas expiring date is also mentioned with each of our domains information page.
  • Pricing – Our pricing is a challenge to all the domain resellers which cannot be found anywhere and any website. Domains starts as low as $19.99 with continuous offers and coupons.

For more information, visit Raj’s portfolio store, at DomainsKing.

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2 Responses to “Domains King: Meet Raj and his royal domain portfolio”
  1. wat da says:

    Wat the??? I can’t believe this is real but hey, who am I to argue with somebody that is selling amazing brandable domains like yodn.com..lol Maybe this guy is related to the cax.com dude as both also have trouble grasping the english language! Maybe Toby Clements can team up with these two and together become the 3 domain stooges.

    Also very sad to hear the passing of a fellow domainer. What a tragedy at such a young age 🙁

  2. DomainGang says:

    Wat da – Actually, this kid is quite smart and undeserving of your comment. Trying to kill three birds with one stone, Raj, then Toby and Gavin? You need to focus on your agenda a bit.

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