#Domains NOT in the news : Nacho fries, fire and fury

Domain names are meant to exist as side-kicks to newly launched products and services.

In the case of Taco Bell and its much-hyped nacho fries, everyone seems to focus on the $1 dollar price and ignore the lack of a dedicated .com domain.

That, from a marketing standpoint, isn’t acceptable.

NachoFries.com is a great brand, and it has been a gaming studio since the domain was registered 10 years ago.

That’s right, get ready to play with cute animated sprites instead of crunchy, cheesy fries with the Taco Bell essence, but maybe they could license it to Taco Bell, and get NachoFries.Games instead?

Moving on to the latest published book, Fire and Fury, about to give president Donald Trump some mental constipation and some early morning Tweets that might reflect its chosen title precisely.

The book is going on sale tomorrow Friday, to spite president Trump’s legal threats about the allegedly scandalous material it contains. More scandalous than that “grab them by the pussy” statement?

Alas, the domain name FireAndFury.com has been taken, registered in 1999, and once again it’s a gaming software studio based in Maryland. What’s up with these guys, they don’t let any domain name available for the future generations!

Over and out.

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One Response to “#Domains NOT in the news : Nacho fries, fire and fury”
  1. Eric Lyon says:

    I like Nacho Fries (The food)… πŸ™‚ But then I also like chili cheese fries, garlic and herb fries, cheddar fries, bacon fries, etc. etc. So many domain name possibilities when it comes to fries. If you are in the UK, simply change “Fries” to “Chips” and you have a whole new slew of potentials. :p (Belly rumbles). πŸ˜‰

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