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#TrumpOlympics on Twitter.

#TrumpOlympics on Twitter.

Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, has been the butt of many jokes in recent days.

After sharing a photo from 2004 that shows him carry the Olympic torch in New York wearing the official Athens 2004 outfit, Twitter exploded with the hashtag #TrumpOlympics.

Although it’s debatable whether using famous marks in hashtags constitutes infringement, someone went the full monty, registering the domain

On top of that, the domain’s WHOIS info contains a fake email address, in violation of the ICANN rules:

The International Olympic Committee is extremely protective of its century-old trademarks, related to Olympics, Olympic Games, Olympiad and other secondary marks, including the names of host cities along with the year of the Olympic games.

Surely, registering sounds like fun and games, but we foresee a C&D to be delivered, if not a full UDRP for the domain name.


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