Domains versus BTC : Bitcoin surpasses $1,777 dollars

Bitcoin logo.

The price of Bitcoin exceeded $1,777 dollars today, setting a new, all-time record.

Domain investors diversifying in Bitcoin (BTC) are seeing a hefty ROI, that surpasses current pricing of LLLL .com “Chips.”

The latter, hover around the $1,150 – $1,300 dollar territory, something that will most likely create a new focus for Chinese domain investors, who could potentially shift their funds over to BTC.

Three years ago, domain entrepreneur, Merlin Kauffman, invested in the Bitcoin mining business, by spending $5 million dollars to acquire mining hardware via CoinSeed.

Bitcoin prices plummeted to sub-$400 dollar territory at some point, but the hefty rebound must be rewarding for Kauffman, if he’s still in the Bitcoin mining business.

New York domain investor, Nick Spanos, is an enthusiastic supporter of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, founder of BitcoinCenterNYC, and has participated in a documentary movie about it, called “Banking On Bitcoin.”

Will the Bitcoin continue to rise in value? We’ll have to keep a close eye on it.

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