Domainsville introduces new digital currency rewards

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Domain investor, Abdu Tarabichi, has just rolled out a new type of “digital currency” as rewards for the most popular and active blogs on

Says Abdu:

“As an appreciation to our contributors, we are delighted to introduce Domainsville Dots, the domain bloggers rewards program.  Writers earn ‘dots’ that can be redeemed towards domain services/gifts or charity.”

Referred to as “Domainsville Dots“, the points will be awarded on the basis of clicks and other parameters, such as rating the unique status of a post. It is not yet clear who will be rating the posts.

A formula will be taking the following into consideration:

  • Number of articles posted during the month
  • The number of unique clicks each post received on
  • The quality of each post (score from 0 to 10), including uniqueness.  A post will receive a low score if it’s reporting news that was already published by another blogger.
  • Blogger earns double Dots if the Domainsville icon is displayed on his/her site.

Abdu recently stated he’s upping the domain news aggregator game, and this is definitely a move in the right direction!

Read the full announcement here.

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