Domainsville introduces new digital currency rewards

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Domain investor, Abdu Tarabichi, has just rolled out a new type of “digital currency” as rewards for the most popular and active blogs on

Says Abdu:

“As an appreciation to our contributors, we are delighted to introduce Domainsville Dots, the domain bloggers rewards program.  Writers earn ‘dots’ that can be redeemed towards domain services/gifts or charity.”

Referred to as “Domainsville Dots“, the points will be awarded on the basis of clicks and other parameters, such as rating the unique status of a post. It is not yet clear who will be rating the posts.

A formula will be taking the following into consideration:

  • Number of articles posted during the month
  • The number of unique clicks each post received on
  • The quality of each post (score from 0 to 10), including uniqueness.  A post will receive a low score if it’s reporting news that was already published by another blogger.
  • Blogger earns double Dots if the Domainsville icon is displayed on his/her site.

Abdu recently stated he’s upping the domain news aggregator game, and this is definitely a move in the right direction!

Read the full announcement here.

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One Response to “Domainsville introduces new digital currency rewards”
  1. Andy says:

    I fail to see how this is “groundbreaking” like the announcement stated it would be last week. But I think it is a nice thing to do to reward the bloggers. You have Francois and Domaining on the other hand who charges people in order for him to use their content on his site (so you pay him, plus he gets free content for his site).

    And speaking of I advertised their once for $150 for a sponsored headline, and my sponsored headline wasn’t even the first link in the sponsored section… which is a property that Francois owns… how are you going to charge people to advertise and then put their placement behind your own placements?

    I’d like to see all the bloggers tell Francois to stop using their content and see if he realizes his site is nothing without them.

    I’ll be switching to Domainsville.

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