DomainTools: Free game of Hangman for everyone!

DomainTools Hangman(tm) game won’t be as raunchy as this.

DomainToolsthe industry leader in WHOIS information management – introduced a new, fun online game this morning.

“We are rolling out DomainTools Hangman(tm) which is a fun way to process data,” said Monica Gordon, Marketing manager for DomainTools.

“By combining the research metrics and our proprietary data storage algorithms, we can offer domainers eager to play hours of mindless fun!” she added, while drinking a glass of eggnog.

The DomainTools Hangman(tm) is enabled by visiting the Reverse WHOIS Tool.

Once there, you enter the name of a person, such as “Rick Schwartz” and proceed with the game of guessing the missing letters in the generated list of domains owned by that person.

“Soon, our player domainers will be able to buy vowels, trying to guess the exact domain as quickly as possible” said Monica Gordon. “There will be prizes to be won; the fun is endless, and we’re expecting to increase our pageviews to almost those of Facebook!” she exclaimed.

DomainTools Hangman(tm) will be *the* game to play during the holiday season – it is Santa’s favorite WHOIS game! 😀

Rick Schwartz plays DomainTools Hangman(tm) already!


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One Response to “DomainTools: Free game of Hangman for everyone!”
  1. jayjay says:

    Well I for one didn’t fail the Kobayashi Maru test either! 😉

    Why waist your time playing ‘hangman’ when you have the power of google search at the helm!
    ———————————————————— at

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