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#DomainTools planned downtime causes uproar among #domain investors

A scheduled downtime by DomainTools, is causing some major uproar among domain investors, who often use the popular WHOIS service 24/7.

DomainTools will be going offline in late March, per their announcement:

“Upcoming maintenance window: 3/29/2018 11pm PT to 3/30/2018 1am PT”

Commentary from frustrated domainers flooded social media, using the hashtag #DontTakeDomainToolsDown.

The two hour, scheduled downtime for server maintenance purposes is too much, according to some.

“Are you freaking kidding me? DomainTools will go down at 2am when I do most of my random WHOIS searches here in Miami?” exclaimed Fotis James Pappas, an independent domain flipper.

“For those of us with insomnia, or who have an appetite for caffeine and sugar-loaded power drinks, this is a complete disaster!” added Pappas, chugging down a Monster power drink, chased with a Sierra Mist.

Established last century, DomainTools is a website perused as often as Playboy, AskJeeves or BurgerKing by domain investors and entrepreneurs, eager to find out who owns the domain name of their dreams.

To get your daily dosage of DomainTools before its scheduled downtime, visit DomainTools.com.

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