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Donald Trump sells entire domain portfolio to GoDaddy Domain Ventures

One of the many domains.

One of the many domains.

President-elect, Donald Trump, has moved quickly to sell his entire domain name portfolio.

Citing a potential conflict of interest if he were to retain the domains past his inauguration day, Mr. Trump’s buyer is none other than GoDaddy.

The price: $6.7 billion dollars, and some change.

“GoDaddy Domain Ventures is an established domain portfolio manager for GoDaddy,” said VP of Domain Management, Dough M. Aine.

“By acquiring Mr. Trump’s domain names, we are expanding GoDaddy’s footprint in the political arena, by far,” added Mr. Dough M. Aine.

More than 3,500 domains are included in the sale, which will allow Donald Trump to continue doing what he enjoys most: tweeting and re-tweeting.

Among the domain name portfolio acquired by GoDaddy Ventures are several propaganda and “fake news” domains, that will be monetized for their established traffic among the Alt Right fans.

Congratulations to buyer and seller for this sizable transaction.

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5 Responses to “Donald Trump sells entire domain portfolio to GoDaddy Domain Ventures”
  1. Larry Scott says:

    This could possibly be a legal conflict as well, because Donald Trump was awarded damages over cybersquatting cases TrumpMumbai.com and TrumpIndia.com. J. Taikwok Yung was forced to pay $32,000 court order. I just feel J. Taikwok Yung should be given that money back because now that Trump has released all of his domains, what were the actual damages?

  2. J says:

    $6.7 Billion?

    That’s a typo right?
    If not I call bullshit.

    $6.7 Million I could believe.

  3. sri says:


    how much value this domain name..

  4. DomainGang says:

    sri – Zero dollars and a free UDRP.

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