Don’t be an armchair TRAFFIC attendee, bro!

Oh boy.

I just love how those outside of the game, without any clue other than the visuals of a single video stream, can talk down on the top domain conference, TRAFFIC.

It’s understandable.

You didn’t want to cough up the dough, you’re now feeling “cheated” and obligated to judge the show that you’re not paying to have access to.

That’s who I call an “armchair attendee“.

And that’s cool. You can have your hot wings and light beer, from the comfort of your home, and pretend to operate a team from your living room. Great stuff, bro.

To those of us that left frat houses behind a long time ago, this attitude is laughable. The core benefit from attending a domain conference such as TRAFFIC, are the connections, the networking, the opportunity to learn more about the business and the person you’re chit-chatting with or about, over the Internet.

As an “armchair domainer“, you’re entitled to your own distorted view of reality. I don’t blame you, but the times that everything was free, have long passed. This is the era that in order to make gold, you need gold. It’s the old alchemist’s recipe, and incidentally, gold has skyrocketed.

But I’m not writing this article to humiliate those of you who judge an entire industry or conference by the results of a domain auction.

I’m here to help you out, because keeping an open mind is quintessential in every industry, if you want to succeed.

The choice is yours: you can be a mediocre, armchair conference attendee, or you can grow up, benefiting from the knowledge of others who took the same path before you, clearing the path along the way.

Which one is it going to be, bro?

Next TRAFFIC event: Vegas, baby – in 2013. The Mayans knew shit about domain names.

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