Dot .com sightings : The #Asheville Tourists after Rick’s #domainer gathering

What are “domain sightings” really? It’s very simple: real life encounters with a domain name. When we come across domain names emblazoned on vehicles, boats, or businesses and products, that’s what’s also called seeing “domains in the wild.”

We categorize them in two groups: dot .com domain sightings, and everything else in every other TLD.

Today we are sharing a domain encounter with The Asheville Tourists, and their matching domain

It’s a Minor League Baseball team, based in Asheville, North Carolina. According to their web site, they had a great year so far:

“ASHEVILLE- The 2019 season of Asheville Tourists baseball is officially in the books but the memories created by this year’s team will certainly be remembered. Asheville finished the season 68-72 and missed out on the post-season by only two games after a 39-31 stretch in the second half.”

The domain is being used as a forwarder to the web site’s page about The Asheville Tourists. is a domain registered in 1999.

The photo was sent to us by domain investor, Eddie Sixto, and was taken when he attended Rick Schwartz’s domainer gathering in Asheville, earlier this year.

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