Dot .COM sightings : Tree Work Now .com #domain with an odd phone number

When we come across domain names in real life, that’s a “domain sighting” in the wild. For ease of classification, we keep them in two categories, dot .com domains and everything else.

And yes, seeing a domain name on a car or other moving vehicle means one thing: we are stationary for safety purposes, unless someone else drives the car.

This time around we came across a dot .com domain name,

The company is called Tree Work Now – what a surprise! According to their website and mission statement, this Florida based tree-cutting services company has good core values:

  • We seek to honor God in everything we do and how we treat everyone we encounter.
  • We promote an environment of trust, respect, honesty, loyalty, integrity, responsibility, thankfulness, and wholeheartedness.
  • We love to “wow” every single client. We work to deepen relationships of trust with current and future clients.

Registered in 2006, the domain name can be seen in the photo below.

What’s strange, however, is their odd choice of a phone number: 855-WE-PRUNE as they don’t operate from, which is taken.

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