Dot .Crap LLC to bring equilibrium in the Domain industry as a new, affordable gTLD

The apparent collective failure of gTLDs to deliver meaningful domains for end-user web sites, is leading to the creation of even more gTLDs.

Despite the huge success of dot .XYZ – a top level domain with more than a billion active web sites – the total numbers of all other gTLDs combined are quite paltry.

A new initiative by Dot Crap LLC attempts to level the game between old school and new age TLDs:

“We want to change how domain investors and end users view gTLDs in general, there is room for everyone,” said Dot Crap LLC manager, Franko Nero.

“Transparency and ability to register dot .Crap domains for pennies instead of dollars, is our modus operandi, something that even Rick Schwartz would appreciate,” added Nero.

By offering dot .Crap domains for just $0.69 the California start-up is truly targeting a worldwide audience, those that are eager to register, develop and maintain low cost web sites.

“These are domains that will truly reach the world, everyone in Sudan, Nepal, China, Afghanistan and elsewhere will love to register dot .Crap domains, because we charge them less than a dollar!” said Franko Nero.

Dot .Crap LLC ascribes to the ICANN principles of a wide open Internet, away from US control and its mafia-like patronage of top level domains.

Watch out for Dot .Crap, arriving soon.

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