Dot .Vegas #domains : Drive through millions of dazzling lights in Las Vegas!

Dot .Vegas is once again branding up its assets, and local businesses promoting their venues are gearing up for the Holidays.

We often come across such non-com domain name sightings, some of which are kindly provided by our good friend, fellow domain investor and Las Vegas resident, Bruce Marler, of Interwebs.

Bruce caught a picture of a Las Vegas venue, displaying “millions of dazzling lights” and they are using the domain GlitteringLights.Vegas as you can see in the photo below.

And if you really squint, you can see Bruce taking the photo with his brand new iPhone X. 😀

While some might argue that the domain is a forwarder to the .com, what really matters is the marketing campaign people see atop the taxi cabs.

Happy holidays!

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