Dot .XYZ surpasses 500 million domain registrations on day one

Daniel Negari of .XYZ and

Daniel Negari of .XYZ and

On launch day, dot .XYZ registrations skyrocketed beyond everyone’s expectations, including those of CEO, Daniel Negari.

“In my wildest dreams, I could have not wished for a better start. Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, it’s simply an incredible number!”

Indeed, as incredible as it may sound, more than 500 million dot .XYZ domains were registered, mostly at GoDaddy and RegisterFly.

As of this morning, the official number per the zone files show that 502,900,349 domain registrations have created a windfall of capital towards this particular gTLD; not even an IPO would generate so much investment interest.

 “We came as the outsider and leaving as the champion!” exclaimed the .XYZ CEO, Daniel Negari.

The number of registered .XYZ domains will make it very hard for others to register .XYZ domains today. From a practical viewpoint, all the good, usable domain names are already taken.

Would you have invested?

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