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Double #UDRP Complainant admits to #masochism tendencies after #RDNH decision

Sumil Gufta, CEO of internet startup Spaseballs.io, publicly admitted to having masochistic tendencies by filing a new UDRP.

The serial entrepreneur was hit with a finding of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking a few months ago, losing to the registrant of Spaseballs.com. Gufta was labeled a Reverse Domain Name Hijacker by prominent domain industry blog, RDNH.com.

“I grew up in a very strict family environment, repressed by my parents while challenged to perform constantly,” said Sumil Gufta, explaining his tendency to enjoy physical and emotional pain along with humiliation.

“I do stupid things, such as naming my company with a domain that’s taken as a .com, and I attempt to be cool by using the dot .IO which most people think it’s crap,” added Sumil Gufta, whipping his back with a leather strap.

The pending UDRP is a unique case: perhaps, the first double reverse domain name hijacking decision of all time, and a demonstration of utter stupidity due to the financial cost involved.

“I cannot help it,” said Sumil Gufta, adding: “Masochism is a condition that I cannot shake off and it seems that I will enjoy this second UDRP whipping for weeks to come.”

If you have a similar condition, seek therapy immediately. Spending money on filing a useless UDRP might leave you completely broke and unsatisfied.

Double RDNH is a condition caused by masochistic tendencies – Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash

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