Masochist domainer: I love GoDaddy web hosting

Donald Stalis has no regrets for using GoDaddy hosting.

The 26-year old domainer from Arizona currently hosts 20 web sites with GoDaddy, all of which went down for several hours yesterday, during the DNS outage.

“I have no regrets, absolutely none, about GoDaddy hosting,” says Stalis.

“I love a little bit of pain, getting on the phone to talk to under-qualified support personnel absolutely turns me on. Usually, I spend 20 minutes thinking about all the things that can go wrong on a given day at GoDaddy hosting, what a rush!” exclaims Stalis, who is a self-proclaimed masochist.

There is nothing wrong about people with fetishes, as long as they don’t cost one money. Stalis says he runs a few forums, a blog and an e-commerce web site selling whips, chains and other S&M items.

“Sure, my store went down for a few hours, but what the heck. I took some time off to go see my buds for a beer or two. We ended up drinking our way through two six-packs, but it was worth it. Thank you, GoDaddy!” says Stalis.

There are no official news yet today, about what exactly caused the downtime but the initial claim by someone loosely related to Anonymous, is getting thinner by the minute. Meanwhile, Donald Stalis is looking forward to yet another day of pain and humiliation at GoDaddy hosting.

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