Drink your gTLDs : 10,000 .Wine and .Vin domains

The launch of dot .Wine and dot .Vin took a while, but this grape-induced pair is a fine representation of popular consumer products with an ancient history.

Wine – or vin, in French – are both derived from the ancient Greek word oinos (ee-nos.)

.Wine and .Vin gTLDs are now available to register.

.Wine and .Vin gTLDs are now available to register.

But enough with history and linguistic lessons; the domain stats are in and domain investors such as Mike Berkens are definitely in high spirits.

According to ntldstats that keeps track of new gTLD metrics:

That’s a total of 10,035 domains for the Donuts, Inc. gTLD pair in less than 10 days of open, general availability.

Did you register any?

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