Dropping loads : Rick Schwartz’s “custom made” portfolio of #domains


Rick Schwartz, the Domain King.

By being both a domain investor and a domain collector, Rick Schwartz is in a unique position to indulge in his domain passion twofold.

Registering domains that appear in the news, or about social issues, can be both rewarding as a potential sale, and as a collectible item – just like some collect stamps, coins or even Beanie babies.

Sometimes, one has to get rid of their old stuff, however, and it seems that the Domain King is doing just that currently.

We came across a large domain portfolio of “custom made” domains that Rick is dropping.

Registered in 2014, Rick Schwartz’s sizable portfolio is being abandoned before it hits five times the registration costs.

Here’s a partial list of the domains that Rick’s been dropping, as far as we can tell:

That’s 190 domains in total that we have identified.

Cleaning up one’s domain name portfolio is a must these days – even if you are the Domain King.

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5 Responses to “Dropping loads : Rick Schwartz’s “custom made” portfolio of #domains”
  1. I did a Sherpa Challenge back in Dec. 2013, here is my blog post about it:

    Here is the Sherpa show, it has been deleted because Dicker but I saved it:

    I saw a portfolio the Sherpa’s had reviewed and it upset me:

    These names Rick dropped he got a month or so later when Sherpa challenged him to get some names and post them on the show. Of the names I got I still have them all, I turned down $2k for because I think I can get more in the future. I also got that day for $30 but it exceeded my budget so I didn’t list it but I did sell it for $2k so that paid for my whole investment.

    Here is the video I posted after Shane and Sherpa made fun of my scruffly look…

  2. down but never out says:

    i remember back when he shared his idea on custommadekeyword names . Names like these will make money if individually developed or outbound sales tactics if selling.
    A parking page will not pay for renewals. A better strategy would have been to invest in custommade in .com and use subdomains for niches.
    i wonder how much custommade in .com was asking? , 25k or less imo would have been a great deal. Above that price though would make much sense for an enduser but not so much for an investor imo, Unless cashflow is not an issue.

  3. Rod Tv says:

    Custommadetoupee is my favorite, I was going to get a generic one!

  4. DomainGang says:

    down but never out – CustomMade .com at $25k? It’s a business, even at $250k they would not sell this domain.

  5. Anon says:

    Custom made pigeon shit, apparently.

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