Elon Musk hints of X.com after Twitter agreement re-established

Elon Musk put on his big boy pants and agreed to honor the April 25 merger agreement he originally signed, in which he agreed to pay $54.20 per Twitter share.

The richest man in the known cosmos had a terrible week, after texts revealed the level of communications he held with numerous investors and engineers, including Twitter CEO, Parag Agrawal; Musk’s attempts to engage with Agrawal in “bro” terms was not successful. Elon Musk appeared condescending, throwing temper tantrums when constructive criticism arrived from the Twitter CEO.

In his first tweet since news of the revived bid broke, Musk said, “Buying Twitter is an accelerant to creating X, the everything app.”

That could be a reference to his precious domain name, X.com, an asset he lost after selling his PayPal shares and which he bought back in 2017.

Currently, X.com displays nothing but an “X” and there’s no official plan to launch anything on it.

In our opinion, Elon Musk’s vague project idea is far from materializing on X.com and his acquisition of Twitter will serve as a costly lesson in being less impulsive.

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