#Epik move : Rob Monster secures namesake #domain from Daniel Negari!

It’s a move of Epik proportions, as Rob Monster, founder and CEO of the company, closed yet another important b2b deal last week.

The super active domain investor and entrepreneur came to an agreement with .XYZ founder and CEO, Daniel Negari.

Negari’s company acquired the entire gTLD, dot .Monster, recently; can you guess which domain Rob Monster got?

“I’m excited to share the big news about Rob.Monster,” said Daniel Negari, who once famously put his own name, Negari.com, on the chopping block.

“Rob’s a smart entrepreneur in the domain industry, smarter than many naysayers who bitch and moan every morning about how big .com is – we hear you, now obey the Monster!” exclaimed Negari.

The use of the domain Rob.Monster by Rob Monster will help solidify the importance of new gTLDs as useful extensions for domain hacks. In fact, the entire Monster family will benefit from dot .Monster, and Daniel Negari’s strategic acquisition.

“I’m very happy that Rob.Monster will be launched as a portal for blockchain products that DigitalTown has been creating non-stop,” said Rob Monster, adding: “I went ahead and secured the domain using the Epik Forever option, another great idea that arrived from the Epik thought factory!”

Keep your eyes peeled for Rob.Monster and in the meantime, head over to the dot .Monster Registry.

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